Code a Story

1) programming an animated story, using ‘Scratch’ and picture editing softwares

2) steps in story writing and plot build up, and 

3) an opportunity to have your animation published in an interactive e-book! 



App Development

1) Building an App. Programming

2) UI and UX

3) Analytics and key metrics to keep track of, in an app



Creative Writing

Get Certified via British Council.

1) Developing an Idea With a Paragraph Punch

2) Tips to Getting People to Read Your Write-up/ Story/ Article

3) Punctuations- the Pinch of Salt. Rhetoric in Writing

4) Writing Styles, Proofreading Techniques, fitting articles into a word limit.

5) Tips on Improving Your Vocabulary. Use of Collocations. Phrasal Verbs. 

6) Finally getting Published.



Subject to Kit Deliveries from Amazon. 

1) Build Your First Robot

2) Arduino Programming

3) Build an App Controlled Car

Note: Fee Doesn’t Include the price of the kit. All kits/ parts of the robot will be suggested by us but there will be no compulsion to purchase the same basis our suggestions.


Course Details: 

  • Build a Dream Team
  • Plot Team Details in Excel
  • Play a 20:20 Match Between the Indian Cricket Team and the Australian Cricket Team
  • Plan for Very Aggressive Score. If the Indian Team Wins the Toss and Select for Batting. 
  • Plan for a Very Aggressive Dismissal of Batsmen, if the Indian Team Wins the Toss and Selects to Bowl. 

Strange Things

This Book is Available on Amazon:

This book is a compilation of stories written by:  Aarav Singh Ananya Balachandran, Nikita Juneja, Meher Kher, Bhavya Harbola, Aviraj Batra, Abhiveer Narang, Reinee Bajaj, Advaith Diwaker, Divita Mathur, Inaya Nayyar, Tiya Virmani

 Welcome to the world of Strange Things. A mother bot loses her baby, and turns rogue; while a strange scientist lands up on Mars and decides to start a new race with a breed of aliens who disintegrate into invisible sand, at the drop of the hat. The Fire Stars are trying to save the land of Aeries, from robots who have gone insane as their Ruling Ruby has been destroyed. At the same time, Rhea is dealing with a mother and brother, who are humanoids. Whilst the world is tangled with ‘Strange Things’ happening around them, a young girl is on a quest to hunt the source code that could destroy a whole race of robots created by her a compilation of 12 strange stories, set in a strange but very real environment. Born after a set of science workshops. Are we living in a world full of wonder, or suspense? A rollercoaster ride amid things and events, conceptualized by 8 to 12 year olds, about what the future could possibly hold for the generations that follow.

Here is How the Sessions Will Be Conducted

*The cost of the Robotics equipment is not included in this price. We will suggest kits and material you can buy on Amazon. 


The Code a Story, App Development and Robotics sessions will be taught through pre-recorded videos and live sessions. Children can watch the video as per their convenience, then complete the assignment within a stipulated timeline. Once done, they submit the assignment and schedule a live feedback session via a calendar link. 


This way, children can replay videos and don’t miss anything, and the class moves at their pace. There are no set number of classes. children can schedule calls as per their requirements.


Children will also have occasional group online sessions (once a week on a Saturday), so that they can collectively share their progress and also learn from others. 

The Creative Writing Sessions will be One on One. Each child will be assigned a mentor and that mentor will get them to work on their stories, scripts and drafts. In the end, one story will be detailed out to a level that can be published into a book.