The Young Explorers Workshops

The Young Explorers Workshops

This isn’t just a class or a workshop, this is a whole experience with a particular topic. Where the children learn, do, and build. They present papers, they write, they solve puzzles and they build projects and models or experiences. Based on a combination of STEM learning and Finnish concepts, The Young Explorer workshops offer a holistic style of learning. Grammar and writing skills get enhanced during the process.
 These are regular classes, that will take place at Pikk-a-Book Library in Sector 56 and at Celesta Fiesta, in DLF Phase-1, week on week. Scroll Down for Details on the Course Structure, Timings and Fee. Call 9871369799 for More Details.


Topics covered in the first month: 



– Concept
– Playing with Magnets and building simple magnet games
– Getting them to write and present a Paper on:  Earth’s Magnetic Field
– Making a Dynamo


– Concept of spectrum
– Getting them to write and present a Paper on: How light travels through different media
– Prism and mirror experiments
– Making a telescope


– Concept
– Practical Implications
– Worksheet: Puzzles 
– Running a pop up shop with parents, where the kids divide the food and manage the accounts, give discounts… and other things involving fractions


– Basics
– Playing with simple non-screen games that involve basic computing and logical reasoning
working with games that follow a sequence of commands, to achieve an end. 
* Topics like programming are subject to change, basis the needs and response of children. 
*Next month, we will be carrying forward 2 topics, and adding 2 new topics.


Pikk-a-Book Library, Sector 56:

  • Age 8 to 12
  • Tuesday and Thursday
  • 4.30 to 6.30 pm
  • Fee: Rs. 3500 Per Month

Celesta Fiesta, DLF Phase 1

  • Age 8 to 12
  • Wednesday and Friday
  • 4.30 to 6.30pm
  • Fee: Rs. 3500 Per Month

*Classes start as soon as we have 6 or more children