The Indo-Russian Friendship: Written By Joe Arya R.

The Indo-Russian Friendship: Written By Joe Arya R.

Russia and India have had strong long term diplomatic relationships since the Cold War (after World War || ). On April 13,2017 both celebrated 70 years of togetherness. The Indo-Russian long term partnership has been truly multi-dimensional. The IRIGC (Indo-Russian Inter-Governmental Commission) works at two levels-

  • All Trade: Economic, Science and Technology, Culture cooperation, is handled by Russian Deputy PM and Indian External Affairs minister
  • Military Technical Cooperation- handled by two countries’ respective Defense Ministers.
Both nations are members of United Nations, BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa), G20 (Or Group of 20 Countries) and SCO (Shanghai, Cooperation Organisation). All these organisations involve groups of countries, to enhance trade and extend peace through strong foreign policies.
Political relations between two countries began with a strategic partnership in October 2000. Russia and Japan are the only two nations having ministerial defense meetings with India. Military relations between two countries has a remarkable history. In 1997, Russia and India signed a 10 year agreement for military cooperation. India and Russia joint military programs include BrahMos, 5th gen fighter jet, Sukhoi Su-30MKI, INS Vikramaditya aircraft and many more.
 Economic relations or Bilateral trade between both countries started in 1995. This included trade of machines, electronics, aerospace, automobiles, fertilizers, clothing, precious stones, industrial metals, petroleum products, tea and coffee products.
Soviet Union helped India build its Nuclear Base. Russian Company Gasprom and Gas Authority of India have joined hands for Bay of Bengal Kudankulam Nuclear Power Project. India’s first satellite Aryabhatta was launched into space with the help of Soviet Union on 19 April 1975. In December 2004, Russian president Vlamidir Putin signed two agreements facilitating cooperation and use of Russian satellite navigation system GLONASS. Under Anti-terrorism Cooperation both the countries are taking joint efforts to combat terrorism. While India has faced it majorly in Kashmir, Russia has seen it in Chechnya. Our PM on the eve of 70 years of friendship mentioned that India is working on expanding its trade with Eurasian Economic Union and exploring new areas of cooperation.
Both the countries are working together to improve connectivity between scientists, Universities and the younger generation. So Let’s All Celebrate 70 years of friendship!!
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