More App Features

More App Features


This is an evolving segment on our app. We are developing a dashboard that gives parents and teachers insights on what categories and topics their child prefers over others, and which categories does the child ignore, as compared to the average benchmark of children in his/her age group.

For now, the app covers the number of articles read, and activities and quizzes participated in. You can also see a day wise breakdown of the number of articles read. The advanced metrics mentioned above will take about a month to be updated on the app.




Encourages Questions

All kids are curious by nature. Many a times, they ask us parents, questions we are either unable to answer, or find difficult to explain to them basis their age. Our app encourages children to ask questions, which we endeavour to answer within 24 hours.

Let's Children Share Stories

Children have their own perceptions and experiences. Our app encourages them to share the same.

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