My Favourite Instrument: Written By Baani Pahwa

 My Favourite Instrument: Written By Baani Pahwa


My favourite instrument is the guitar. The guitar is a stringed instrument, it has a

fretboard to play on and strings covering the main body and the fretboard. This

particular instrument has various combinations of chords and tabs. The fretboard

is the neck of the guitar, it has strings all over and it is the place where chords are

played. The main body of the guitar also consists of the soundboard, basically the

hole that produces most of the sound. The guitar also has a head which is used

when the notes are sounding off, sometimes the guitar goes off tune and you

have to tune it, the head has various keys that help to tune the guitar.


My dad learnt guitar a few years ago and when I watched him play, I always

thought that guitar was the most difficult and complicated instrument. But when I

was in seventh grade I got fascinated by music or rather fascinated by the guitar! I

told my dad to make me join classes. Ever since I attended my first guitar class,

playing the guitar seemed quite simpler! I now learn and play acoustic guitar.

I could play a very few chords according to my teachers. I love to play my guitar

and in fact, I can even play it all day! I have a certain comfort towards my guitar

that I almost dread playing others’ guitars. I usually play the guitar after I am

done with all my homework. I play the guitar irrespective of my mood and

choose the song accordingly.AT school, I have an activity class called ‘the instrumental music class’. None of my friends knows how to play the guitar or as a matter of fact any instrument, they joined the class because like me they wanted to learn how to play the guitar. I always take my guitar to school so that during a free period, my friends can

request songs and I can play them!

I love playing the guitar and someday I want to as great a guitar player as Shawn

Mendes or John Mayer. They both are an inspiration to me and like them

someday I too want to perform in front of a crowd. I also have to give theory and practical exams of the guitar so, it is not all that fun as it seems! Although my teachers at the academy are very pleasant, I can’t help feeling nervous about my guitar exams.


Playing the guitar also helps me a lot, I don’t know how but playing the guitar

helps me relax and sometimes I even stop thinking about anything else! I am

always in a rush to quickly finish my homework and start playing my guitar. At the

end of the day, I love playing my guitar and it makes me very happy just looking at

it standing there in my living room waiting to be played by me !!!!!!!

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