How a Puppy Blazed into Joe’s Life: Written By Joe Arya R.

How a Puppy Blazed into Joe’s Life: Written By Joe Arya R.

I lived in a cool neighbourhood next to my friend’s house. One day, I found a little puppy in a basket. I took the puppy out and I carried it home. Walking back, I tried giving it a good name but could not. I gave him milk and some cookies and put it in the garage so that my mumma wouldn’t find out. I feared she might get angry. I went off to play.

After I came back I heard a crying sound in the garage. I opened the garage and saw that the puppy was crying. It felt a little helpless as I did not know why it was crying. I had many things in my mind like – whether it wanted to go for bicycle ride or it wanted to be with me, or it needed more milk. Guess, it wanted to go where it belongs. I took the puppy out everywhere and searched for it’s mom and dad. I couldn’t find anybody or where he belonged. It was already late in the evening so I rushed back home with the puppy. Slowly I tiptoed into the garage and left the puppy in a safe place. I gave little puppy some milk and a small blanket to keep it warm and safe. I made a comfortable place in the garage where it slept quietly. I had my dinner and went to bed. Next day morning, it was a bright sunny day. I finally thought of naming him Blaze… I got up and slowly tiptoed to the garage to check on Blaze. I was surprised to find him nowhere. I searched the full garage but could not find him.
I went back upstairs with a sad face. The moment I entered the kitchen I could hear Blaze’s sound. He was happily drinking milk. To my utter surprise it was my mom who took good care him. I was so wrong about her that she will not allow the puppy at home. Soon after that, my mother helped me find Blaze’s family. But we couldn’t gather much information.
A weekend had passed, when my mother visited the bank. She overheard a man enquiring about a little puppy. My mom understood that he was talking about Blaze. She assured him that the little puppy is safe with her son. That very evening we took Blaze to his owner. They were both very happy to see each other. The owner thanked me and told me that he had still not named the puppy. He smiled and said Blaze is a good name. I was very happy. From that day onward whenever I get some free time, I go and visit Blaze and play with him.
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