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We are the first platform that Integrates News, Content, Stories, Programming, Technology, Science and Math, to Enable Creative Design Thinking and Problem Solving. Founded by IIT-IIM-MICA Alumni, with content created by Moms and Veterans.

What’s more, all content comes in different reading levels, so your child gets his/her curiosity quenching dose, everyday, irrespective of his or her age. 

Weekly e-Newspapers for Different Reading Levels

To receive age appropriate news, robotics diy videos, join our online classes, watch news and craft videos, and for activities and quizzes, download our app. To see some sample content, click on the e-papers below or click on the GK and Content App button above.

Early Reading Level
Early Reading Level (for 3-5 year olds).

Contains Stories assisted with Audio.

Basic Reading Level
Basic Reading Level (for 6-8 year olds).

Introduces children to NEWS and non-fiction. Simple English for children to begin reading on their own.

Intermediate Reading Level
Intermediate Level (for 9-10 year olds).

NEWS and Encyclopedia articles in a bit of detail. Usage of slightly complex grammar and tougher words.

Advance Reading Level
Advance Reading Level (for 11-12 year olds).

NEWS, Encyclopedia Articles, Robotics, Videos and more, with advance vocabulary, apt for the above age.

Expert Reading Level
Expert Reading Level (for 13-14 year olds).

NEWS, Encyclopedia Articles, Robotics, Videos and more, with proficient vocabulary and Objectivity.

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