Challenges of Growing Up in Today’s World: By Kavea Bhambri

Challenges of Growing Up in Today’s World: By Kavea Bhambri

We can’t always be daddy’s little girl or momma’s little boy, can we? We have to grow up one day and growing up in today’s fast-paced world can be the toughest thing one could come across. Take it from someone who is going through the phase!!
Growing up is the stage when you are too old to play with “Barbie dolls” and toy cars and too young to drive a car alone. The sweet lies about Santa change into bitter truths about politics. Our pretty fantasies change into harsh realities, everyday. All of a sudden, there is no tooth-fairy to take our fallen tooth; just a dentist extracting our tooth and putting it in a kidney dish.
What’s more, things we said and did in our childhood, never affected anyone; but now each and every word that comes out of our mouth, means something to someone. So, we often end up hurting the people we love the most. We experience everything in extremes; our feelings, hunger, rage, love, and all the other emotions. Sometimes it is a lot to take in, and we feel like a visitor in our own life.  No one can understand what we go through, neither our parents, nor our teachers or counselors, because things were a lot better in their times. I’m not saying things were perfect back then, but they were easier as compared to now.  In today’s world, everyone is so busy in fixing their own problems that they only want to see the beauty outside; but no one is ready to see the scars behind the beauty. In order to look beautiful all the time, most teenagers face depression, they even get bullied because of it.
Everyone goes through bad tides at least once in their lives, and this is our time to face the harsh tide. So let us face the hardships with courage and strength. I know one day we will reach somewhere beautiful. This life will be great but not without challenges. Challenges might be painful but the pain, like love, is the cost of living. It makes us realise that we are alive!
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