The Human-Robo Family: Written By- Annanya Balachandran

The Human-Robo Family: Written By- Annanya Balachandran

Once there lived a very unique family. The husband’s name was Raghav and the wife’s name was Ruby. They had a son, Rohan, and a daughter, Riya. Raghav liked sports, Fish Biryani and building robots. Ruby liked watching movies, eating all different types of food and swimming. Rohan was like his father and liked sports and he was very good at it. Riya liked watching news and reading books. 
Both Raghav and Ruby had a big secret. You must be wondering what it was? The secret was that Raghav had built Ruby and that they were the only HUMAN-ROBO couple in the entire world. Rohan was also a robot built by Raghav and Ruby, where as Riya was adopted. Everyone thought that even Ruby and Rohan were humans. 
Riya was fascinated with technology and had recently succeeded in hacking into her brother’s computer system. Riya had the most annoying brother, who was perfect at everything. From athletics to mathematics, he could beat Riya at all and tease her about it, no end. Riya was only 11, then. But she was an ace programmer. Riya would write programs when she felt low. 
One day Riya was watching news and read that robots were taking over the world. That news described robots, and she realized that the description was a lot like what her mother and brother were. Plus she had seen some suspicious code on her brother’s system but it had never occurred to her that her brother could be a robot. However, this news piece had deepened her suspicions. She wondered “Are my brother and mother robots too?” 
That evening she went to her father and asked ,” Are Rohan and mom robots?” He wondered why she had asked that question and then very reluctantly he said, “Now that you are 11 years old, I have been wanting to tell you that your mom and Rohan are robots. We felt that we wanted a daughter also and we decided to adopt you.” When Riya got to know she was adopted, she freaked out and ran to her room. 
Riya was upset and decided to search for her mother’s code because her mother was the first robot and her code was connected to all the robots’ codes across the world. She was angry at her parents, for Rohan had at least been built by them both, she was ADOPTED. Also, this fact had been hidden from her for so long. 
Riya decided that robots were behind all human misery, including her own. She quickly decided that she must try and hack into her father’s company’s main server, and then hack into her own father’s office computer. She knew that computer would have all information on her mother. But she also knew that her father would have the best security firewalls installed. She nevertheless decided to try. After days of trying, reading and learning, and trying more, she could finally hack into her father’s system. Her father had left a few loopholes, in his security, she felt. 
She soon found what seemed like her mother’s code. She noticed that her father had scheduled the next upgrade for all Robots manufactured by their firm, including her mother and brother, the following week. She first thought of installing a virus into the system, so when dad tried upgrading, all robots would self destruct. But just as she was about to finish typing the code for the virus, happy memories started flooding her. She stopped. Within five minutes, all beautiful memories and love took over. She asked herself, “Am I doing the right thing by destroying my mother’s code?”.
Just then, she heard a knock on the door. It was her father. He had a bundle of papers in his hands. They contained logs of her entire hack. He didn’t say a word for a long time. After few minutes of looking into her eyes, he knew that Riya felt sorry for what she was doing. Raghav knew all along that Riya had entered his company’s servers. He removed some firewalls from his own system, so that she could enter his system. He wanted to see what Riya was upto. Riya knew after seeing the log files, that her father was tracking all her moves, all this while. He had also left some loopholes for her to enter his system.
Raghav finally broke his silence and asked, “Why Riya?” Riya got startled and didn’t know what to say. In a few minutes she said, “I just got very emotional dad when you told me I am adopted. When you told me that mom and Rohan are robots I got to know that you both built Rohan, I felt very left out because I have no connection in this family.” Her dad replied, “You must realize that your mother, brother and I love you very much. You are a very important part of the family.” Her dad took Riya to her brother and her mother and told them what Riya was feeling. Ruby told Riya “I am sorry we hid the truth from you. I feared you may feel lonely, when you learnt. But we all love you very much. Before you thought of destroying the code and you should have shared your feelings with us. It doesn’t matter if you are adopted or not, you are still our Riya.” Rohan said, “Sorry, I think I annoyed you a bit more than I should have. But that is how all siblings are programmed. But they still love each other, don’t they?” 
It was a lovely moment. Robots or humans they were all part of a family. They went for a family dinner and shared their feelings with each other. 
They lived together happily forever and ever.

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