Will the Third War Be for Water?: Written By Arya Singh

Will the Third War Be for Water?: Written By Arya Singh

What the world will be without water?

Great Scientist Albert Einstein has rightly said that After the two grievous wars among the two nations for power, the third and the most devastating war will be fought for water! We cannot imagine life without water.

In our body, when the blood dries the person dies, but when the water in the oceans, rivers, and lakes will dry the whole world will die.The line is ironical as 70% of our blood constitutes of water. We waste so much of water while brushing our teeth, watering plants, washing our vehicles, washing our clothes etc. As an individual we can make a simple effort of closing the tap while brushing and can do our part. It is never too late or too early to start, you don’t have to wait for a new beginning. You just need to realise that you can be the beginning.

Let’s be that one child who can make a difference in any corner of the world!
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