Water, the Only Treasure That’s Free: Article by Devika Kakkar

Water, the Only Treasure That’s Free: Article by Devika Kakkar

Wasting and taking things for granted had become a way of life for the two sisters, Tina and Rita. Their parents were one of the wealthiest people in town. They gave their daughters all that they ever asked for. Be it luxury or basic necessities, Tina and Rita thought that they owned them all. Never would they turn off the tap after use nor make any effort to save water or electricity. Once, they went to their village to visit their grandparents.Rita and Tina criticized everything they saw in the village and enthusiastically praised the luxury and comfort of their city. While they were taking a walk in the village, they came across a serpentine queue of people with buckets in their hands. They walked along the queue, and reached the end, where they were shocked at what they witnessed. They saw a gigantic truck, loaded with a huge water tank, and a tap through which the empty buckets were being filled. On enquiring they got to know that there was no water left in that village and the government used to send these trucks everyday and the people had to stand in these never ending queues all day. That was the time the two sisters realized, that everything else could be bought with money but natural resources like water could only be saved and conserved. From then on, they started saving water and used it like the true treasure that it is. As, the next in the queue….could be you.

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