Not Just a Mother Survey Results

When I started my second innings as an entrepreneur, I was just 26 and had just taken a break from Groupon India, to start The Young Chronicle. However, I started getting some digital marketing offers, and decided to take them on, to make some money, on the side, to fund The Young Chronicle. As predicted, I never realised, when the side business took the front seat, and the Young Chronicle started taking second priority. 
It is during this time, that I had a baby, and in early 2016, when my daughter was 9 months old, I finally decided that one of the 2 start up ideas had to be wound up, as my baby and The Young Chronicle, were getting seriously affected. 
I decided to take a break between winding Creative Ink, our digital marketing agency, and starting The Young Chronicle. During this time,  I started spending more time taking my baby out for strolls, and spending some time with other young mother’s like me. That’s when the magnanimity of the problem struck me. I realised that most people I met, and asked, “So, what do you do?”, responded with, “I used to work at so and so place (some top notch company in most cases).  That’s when I realisd that many of those I interacted with, had over 4 years ( many had over 10 years of work ex.) of work ex., and giving that up led to an identity crisis. This wasn’t just about financial independence, but it was about losing that identity and becoming a Stay at Home Mom. 
Now, being a Stay at Home Mom has it’s own benefits, but many of us would like to get back to work. At the Macro level, the 2011 census shows 8 Lakh women who are graduates (Including diploma holders and those in technical fields, education, and medicine) and above, and of these, only 48 Lakh are working. While many of these women are not allowed to work, many only leave their jobs due to maternity. Our focus in this survey, was on the latter. The objective being, finding paid and voluntary opportunities for mothers, to work from home for a few hours, and thus not just retaining their identity, but also contributing to the nation’s GDP and helping solve the country’s problems.
Here are some indicative findings, we feel the industry could learn from. 
Disclosure: Our sample size was 100. Of these, 89 were mothers. The survey was administered Online.  This is the first in a series of surveys, that will follow. Stay Tuned. 
Ritika Amit Kumar,
The Young Chronicle