Ideas on How We Can Save Water: Written By, Aarav Singh

Ideas on How We Can Save Water: Written By, Aarav Singh

Water is essential part of our life. Our life is impossible without water. All human beings, plants and animals require water to survive. Our body will be dehydrated without water because of which we may die. We will not be able to bathe and enjoy the water park slides without water. We should not waste water because it is a precious resource, and saving it is our social responsibility. There are several ways to save this resource. Here are some:

  • When you wash your face don’t let the tap open while rubbing the soap/face-wash on your face.
  • Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth.
  • Turn off the tap rubbing soap, while washing your hand.
  • Use the waste water of AC and RO, and while watering plants and washing floor.
  • Fix any water leakage in your house.
  • Use a bucket instead of a shower.
  • Use a bucket to wash your car, instead of a hose-pipe, as more water tends to flow through the pipe.

Just by following these steps, you can be a Water Hero. Even a drop saved, is worth the effort.
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