• The Young Chronicle

    The Young Chronicle, a Content App that Uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) and MI (Mommy Intelligence), to Offer Children, Latest, Interactive, and Interesting Content, Basis their Reading Level. Download the app from https://goo.gl/TWPDNv.

How Does the Young Chronicle Help Your Child?

Here is a Glimpse of the Features Our App Offers for your Child to Widen His/Her Horizons.

Content Basis Their Reading Level

The content on the app is segregated basis reading levels. Once the parents sign up for the app, they need to help the child to select the reading level. It is important that the reading level selected is appropriate for the child, so that the child absorbs all that a child reads. These levels are designed basis scientific reading or lexical level measures, and the content covered across levels is broadly the same. There are of course, differences in the depth of information provided, and the construct of sentences, keeping the growing cognitive abilities of the child in mind. The reading level can be changed in the 'Account' section of the app.

A World Full of Possibilities

We have articles across News, Science, Technology, Culture, Space, Biology, Physics, Weather Systems, Economics, Art, Craft, Music... you name it and it is there. The content is graded basis reading comprehension levels, so the child doesn't find the content too easy, or too difficult. Moreover, there is a mother at the backend, who has created this content. since all the content on the app is created by our ever-growing network of mothers. So the content is fun, age and reading level appropriate, and mommy proofed.

Activities, Quizzes, Videos and More.

The app covers long and short articles, with videos and images. Each article is substantiated with activities (the brain icon on the right), and quizzes (the question mark icon). This way, not only does a child get to read, he/she gets to do, and test his/her learning ability as well. This way, whatever is read, is sealed forever. What's more? The children get to unlock e-badges when they read articles, perform activities, and answer quiz questions. These badges can then be shared with friends and family, by parents, to encourage the child.